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When a plumbing crisis occurs, nothing beats quick and knowledgeable service that allows your pipes to function properly again. In Middletown, NY, and the surrounding areas, no company does this better than A-1 Sewer Service. Established in 1979, our company takes pride in delivering quality service and quick response times to everyone in Orange County. With years of specialized training, trust us to arrive on time, diagnose the problem, and offer solutions to get the issue under control.

While our company specializes in sewer cleaning and repairs, we also handle plumbing installation at new and remodeled properties, as well as water heater repairs and maintenance services.

We understand that many people try to save money by attempting sewer drain repairs themselves, but if you’ve repeatedly tried plunging a clogged sink or toilet with no results, we strongly encourage you to contact A-1 Sewer Service to take care of the problem. Every plumbing specialist we employ is fully insured and licensed and possesses the cutting-edge equipment needed to unclog virtually any drain or sewer line.

Don’t be fooled by less experienced contractors who offer to handle your sewer cleaning and repairs for a ridiculously low amount of money. Many of these companies either perform spotty work or are never seen again after they receive your payment. When you hire us, trust that you’re getting experienced plumbers who charge reasonable prices. Since most of our business comes from referrals, we wouldn’t still be in business if we didn’t deliver superior sewer cleaning and repair services.

Call A-1 Sewer Service today and we’ll send a quality plumber to your property right away to complete your sewer piping repairs.

Sewer Cleaning at A-1 Sewer Service in Middletown, NY
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Count on the plumbers at A-1 Sewer Services to visit your home or business quickly, so you get the repairs you need when you need them. Remember, customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Expertly Trained

Every plumber employed by our company has undergone extensive training before we hired them. Rest assured, we only send the best people to solve your plumbing issues.


For nearly 40 years, we’ve proudly supplied expert plumbing services to the good people of Middletown, NY, and the surrounding areas. During that time, we’ve built a reputation for delivering exceptional service while conducting ourselves in a professional and honest manner.